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Shipping Address Update Form
Complete this form to add new, delete inactive or modify existing shipping addresses and associated contacts. Please allow 1-2 business days for your request to be processed, at which time you will receive a request complete message via email. Please call the Macy's Transportation Office at 678-406-7200 with any questions.

Holiday Calendars
When adding ship to locations, it is assumed that the standard US Holidays will apply to your location. (i.e. Memorial Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc) If any other Holiday calendar applies instead of the US Holiday, (i.e. Jewish Holiday Calendar, Canadian Holiday Calendar) please indicate on the Shipping Address form in the appropriate area.

Macy's Merchandising Group
There are a specific set of orders placed by the Macy’s Merchandise Group (MMG). If you know you will be shipping MMG orders from your location, please indicate by putting a “yes” in the appropriate field. If you do not ship MMG orders, or you are not sure, either put a “no” in the appropriate field, or leave the field blank.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.


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Special Shipping Calendar Considerations
e.g. Friday early close
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For Third Party Warehouse Only
Name of Warehouse


** Only ONE contact per shipping address is accepted.
First Name *
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Email Address *
NOTE: This email address will be used for information only. The email address on your registered USER PROFILE will be used for shipment request notifications, e.g. carrier assignment and authorization. Only one email address per shipping address is accepted.
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