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    Vendor Standards
    Login Document Published Description
    Vendor Standards 6/22/2023 2023 Macys Vendor Standards for all divisions and families of business
    Vendor Standards - Master Purchasing Agreement 12/20/2022 Master Purchasing Agreement for Market Brand and Private Label Vendors
    Additional Resources - Contact Information xlsx 12/1/2023 Additional Resources - Contact Information xlsx
    Vendor Standards - Code of Conduct 3/20/2023 Vendor and Supplier expectations with respect to fair and safe labor practices
    Vendor Standards - Sustainability initiative for unsold and returned merchandise 4/28/2023 Announcement of Macy's, Inc. initiative to reduce landfill by donating eligible returned and unsold products
    Vendor Standards - Conflict Mineral Reporting 2/16/2023 Reporting of conflict minerals. SGS partner and Transparency One invitation.
    Vendor Standards - Vendor Onboarding Instructions 3/28/2024 Resource to help vendors navigate through Macy's systems and requirements
    Vendor Standards - .com Prep Expense Offset Increase 5/13/2022 Announcement of increase for .com merchandise preparation expense offsets
    Vendor Standards - 2022 Virtual Vendor Session 8/26/2022 Presentation from 2022 Virtual Vendor Sharing Session
    Vendor Standards - UL WERCSmart announcement 6/9/2022 Beauty vendors only – announcement of Macy’s, Inc. and UL WERCSmart partnership and requirements
    Vendor Standards - Beauty Vendors UL WERCSmart details 7/25/2022 Beauty vendors only - details of Macy's and UL WERCSmart partnership and requirements
    Vendor Standards - Face Coverings 10/30/2020 Supplemental Vendor Standards for Face Coverings
    Vendor Standards - Furniture, Bedding and Rugs Standards 12/20/2019 Supplemental quality and packaging standards for furniture, bedding and rugs
    Vendor Standards - Furniture Second Delivery Fee 12/20/2019 Announcement of increase in vendor defective second delivery fees
    Vendor Standards - Big Ticket Expense Offsets 5/12/2022 Prenotification of Big Ticket Expense Offsets will be discontinued
    Vendor Standards - Food and Dietary Supplements Additional Requirements 7/2/2018 Additional requirements related to food and dietary supplements for all Macy's entities
    Vendor Standards - VDF Supplemental Standards 1/13/2023 Vendor Direct Fulfillment Supplemental Standards
    Vendor Standards - Vendor In-Store Representatives Guidelines 12/15/2023 Guidelines and Expectations for In-Store Vendor Representatives
    Vendor Standards - Non-Photo Studio Sample Process 10/2/2020 Vendor instructions on sending non-photo studio samples
    Vendor Standards - PDP and Marketing Photography 9/4/2020 Vendor instructions on sending samples to our Photo Studio.
    Vendor Standards - GS1 128 Label Changes 12/16/2016 Details of requested changes to GS1 128 label data elements

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